Healthy Choice Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk

Often, reduced-fat ice creams are truly poor-man's versions of the real thing, but as in the case of Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk, sometimes they can be the best of the bunch. I love this and get it occasionally if it happens to be on sale, 'cause otherwise it's pretty expensive.

Creamy and literally mouth-watering, with a mellow coffee flavor and crunchy chocolate bits that keep you coming back for more. The calories and fat content are so low it's almost unbelievable.

Unfortunately, the ice cream is so good that you end up eating ten to twenty times more of it than you intended. For example, this is my ninetieth gallon since this morning. It tells you how good an ice cream is when you continue to eat it hours after your trachea has frozen.

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Review by Curly Joe Choward