McClure's Pickles – Garlic Dill

These are very large, tasty pickles, the largeness perhaps working against them, depending on just how large a pickle you like to put in your mouth. I mean, these wouldn't be the black guy of pickles per se. But the spears are maybe twice the size of your garden-variety Vlasic.

Flavor-wise, they're quite similar to Vlasic Farmer's Garden®, though not quite as tasty and about three times more expensive. Sure, the Brooklyn/Detroit pedigree is more appealing than Vlasic's big corporate vibe, but that doesn't automatically make McClure's superior, any more than the VP of Brand Development at your local Mom & Pop is necessarily more "authentic" than the VP of Brand Development at Boner Mart National HQ.

Honestly, can we just let the whole "local community artisan" shit go already? Cut your fucking beard and quit acting like you don't enjoy a fucking Quarter Pounder from time to time. Especially six beers in when you've already switched from Leprous Stripper Double IPA to Stroh's tallboys.

Review by Toothy Berserker