Blue Versace

As health-conscious as I am, I see it as the responsible thing to get my daily requirement of MDMA as frequently as possible. Strangely, I can't seem to find the FDA's recommendation on this matter, so I usually just go by what my independent vitamin supplier tells me.

He had faith in Blue Versaces, recommending them without hesitation to help with my serotonin deficiency. His view was that soon I would be feeling really swell.

I must say, though, despite the great name and pleasing color, I was disappointed with these vitamins. I did not feel any of the incredible waves of bliss you'll find in similar vitamins such as Pink Omegas, but rather a chatty energy that was probably more attributable to caffeine than MDMA. I'd be surprised if this vitamin had much MDMA in it at all.

I think I had two or three of them before things in fact felt swell. I shouldn't have had to do that; one or two should be sufficient to change the entire perceivable universe for awhile.

It's like those cereal commercials where the grocer taunts the customer on how many boxes of their favorite cereal they'd have to buy to get the nutrition from just one box of Special K™ … I don't have time to eat twenty boxes of cereal, just give it to me straight up. Similarly, I don't want to have to eat twenty pills if I can get the same, eh, nutrition from one.

Review by Doyle Lowrider