One A Day Calcium Plus

The fear of osteoporosis is something the media have been beating into me for the past few years. Just break down the word, it means you get pores in your bones! I don't want that. Nobody wants that!

Having brittle bones is a frightening notion. If I don't get my daily supply of calcium, and someone reanimates my decaying bones, they won't hold up to slay whatever armor-clad adventurer comes to plunder my dungeon! (Did I just make a sexual innuendo?) I just can't have that. That is why I started taking One A Day Calcium Plus in addition to my One A Day Maximum.

The label is quite attractive, looking much like the Maximums, only blue, and with a picture of a strawberry, cherries, and a peach at the bottom, because it is fruit flavored.

Having tasted them, I can honestly say I did not taste ant of those fruits, nor any fruit I have ever had, and believe me, I have had many. Okay, who am I trying to kid, I've never had a passion fruit, or a plantain, or even a good tasting mango. But I'll say that these half-inch round white tablets taste like no fruit in my fruit banks. Still, though, they taste like fruit.

One tablet gives you 25% of your vitamin D, 50% of your calcium, and 12.5% of your magnesium. You're allowed to take two tablets at once, which covers your calcium needs for the day. Eating one of the damn things isn't very pleasant, though, because they're chewable. I have to disguise them in other food I'm eating. I suppose I could just swallow them whole, I mean my body is bound to break it down for me at some time or another.

The bottle comes with 60 tablets, which is the same number as the low-end One A Day Maximum, so your vitamin-taking schedule is easily synchronized. I had some trouble getting it to work with my menstrual cycle, however, but then again I get "in trouble" so often that it's not even an issue anymore.

Luckily, there is a special note on the label for pregnant and lactating women, that three tablets provide 1,500 mg of elemental calcium. I don't know what the Bayer Corporation expects me to do with that information.

One A Day Calcium Plus (I haven't yet done research on what the "Plus" refers to, but I suppose it's better than Minus) gives you a large chunk of much needed calcium in one semi-palatable tablet, so I think it's worth buying. I don't know why bones need so much maintenance, I mean I haven't observed any noticeable improvements in my erections. I'll just keep taking them and see what happens.

Review by OOO