Pink Smiley

After a four-month hiatus from taking any vitamins, I was feeling malnourished and decided I should bring myself up to snuff. Out at a social club, I was fortunate to run into my independent pharmacist, who happened to have some Pink Smileys on him.

Half an hour later, I was feeling good. The club was no longer vacuous and boring, but full of vibrant energy and unusual lights. Another half hour, and I was starting to feel supreme. I had never heard a better DJ, never had smoother cigarettes, never felt more connected to the glorious pulse of God.

A second pill, and things got infinitely weirder. Color and texture began to appear where there was none, making my sweatshirt quite a lot more interesting. At one point I was staring at my bent arm and seeing the top of an old steering wheel poking out of it, and wherever I looked, things would pulsate, mutate, swirl, and roll like big river current.

Around 8am I was finally ready for sleep, head tense from grinding my teeth all night, and surprisingly the next day, recovery was painless. On the whole, I like these a LOT more than my former vitamin of choice, Spongebob Squarepants Chewables.

Review by Princess