Top 10 Matchups of Countries That Should Go to War
by Illusion Master

1. Kingdom of Swaziland vs. Kingdom of Lesotho

Let's face it, folks, these are two countries completely engulfed by other countries. If they were to go into battle, the victor would not only get to take over the other country, but also the land in-between, creating a much larger country. And since they are so tiny, people would root for both of them, because they're both underdogs.

2. Canada vs. United Mexican States

This is a fascinating premise. The two countries are essentially meaningless to North America, yet are both still part of it. But then they have the United States dividing them! The U.S. would have to stay neutral as they figured out a way to settle their differences. Also, notice the contrast Canada is a frozen, desolate wasteland, while Mexico is a boiling, desolate wasteland.

3. Commonwealth of Australia vs. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The descendants of criminals finally get to strike back at their mean mistreaters. Australia is many times the size of Great Britain, but the UK can escape through the Chunnel! With kangaroos, koala bears, and boomerangs, I don't know if the Brits could hold off the onslaught.

4. United States of America vs. Georgia

This is a classic battle caused by name infringement. If the U.S. wins, it can claim the nation of Georgia as part of the state. If Georgia wins, it annexes the state of Georgia.

5. Republic of Chile vs. Republic of Turkey

One of these countries will emerge as the world's sole food provider, but which will it be? Hungary has a vested interest, and Greece has been known to have dealings with both.

6. Trinidad vs. Tobago

This isn't so much a country-on-country matchup as it is a civil war. For years they have been known as Trinidad & Tobago, a pair as recognizable as Batman & Robin, or having your cake & eating it, too. They both want autonomy but will the resulting amount of bloodshed make it all worth it?

7. Oriental Republic of Uruguay vs. Republic of Paraguay

Kids who have been forced to memorize the countries of South America have many times been stung by the Uruguay/Paraguay conundrum. The winner stays, the loser dissolves. But the real winners here are 7th graders around the world.

8. Republic of Madagascar vs. Japan

Both are countries off the eastern coasts of large continents, and both are major economic powers. But only one is a key to winning at Risk. The winner gets to pull a card from the pile, with the chance at taking over the rest of the world.

9. Republic of Chad vs. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Who is Chad? Who is Jordan? The answers would be sure to surface when the dark masters of these countries finally reveal their identities.

10. Republic of Austria vs. Commonwealth of Australia

There is no love lost between these two longtime foes. One is responsible for the world's most evil man, while the other has given us the brilliance of Yahoo Serious (I'm serious!). Australia is clearly not the aggressor in this one, and what's more, most of its resources are tied up in the war with Britain.


Principality of Andorra vs. Principality of Monaco vs. Republic of San Marino vs. Principality of Liechtenstein vs. Holy See (Vatican City)

The winner of this five-way brawl will come out as the king of the little European countries.