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Howell and Chong to be reunited at Taj Mahal
May 30, 2002 Posted: 11:24 AM EDT (1524 GMT)

AGRA, INDIA (LBOZ) -- Entertainers C. Thomas Howell and Rae Dawn Chong, former spouses originally feared dead in separate tragic incidents, will be reunited in a ceremony held at the Taj Mahal at the behest of Indian President Shri Kocheril Raman Naranyan.

Howell, declared dead after a sniper attack and subsequently missing for several days, was discovered walking the streets of Mumbai (Bombay) last week. Chong, his former wife, was also declared dead following a guerrilla parade blast that killed more than 29 people, but was surprisingly discovered earlier this week on the back of a chicken truck bound for Mumbai.

"It will be my honor to bring two miraculous lovers together in the most beautiful setting in the world," said President Naranyan in a statement Thursday.

Sources could not confirm whether Howell or Chong were currently displaying symptoms of amnesia or other medical issues related to their recent experiences. Both have been hospitalized since their respective discoveries.

The identities of the performers were confirmed through DNA testing and dental records after initial confusion. Police sources confirm that they are continuing to question three men who were spotted at various points during several of the recent events, including the crash of Flight 6136 into Dalian Bay, which Howell survived; the fuel stop in the U.S.-controlled Midway Islands where Howell's body was first noticed missing; and both discoveries of the thought-dead actors in and around Mumbai.

Howell and Chong were married from 1989 through 1992 and have a daughter, Sylvie, from that marriage. The duo starred in two films together, the 1986 box office hit "Soul Man" and its 1990 sequel, "Far Out Man."

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