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Actor Howell Shot By Sniper at Chong Memorial
Fri May 10,12:35 PM ET

DALIAN, China (LBOZ) - Actor C. Thomas Howell, who made news last week when he was discovered to be the sole survivor in the crash of Flight 6136 into Dalian Bay, was the victim of a sniper attack during a memorial service for his former wife, local officials report.

Howell, still unable to speak after awakening during an autopsy that was bring performed on him last Tuesday, was seated in a wheelchair to the right of a podium at the service, which was being held in a public park mere blocks from the parade site where a terrorist blast yesterday killed actress Rae Dawn Chong and 29 others.

Witnesses of the sniper attack on Friday spoke of shock and horror as shots rang out and Howell was seen being riddled with bullets and falling backwards over his wheelchair. He was listed in critical condition after being re-admitted to the local hospital.

Before the shooting rampage ended, six people were killed and 15 seriously injured, including several medical staff designated to assist in Howell's rehabilitation and one of the two coroners who initially began performing the autopsy during which Howell awoke, the officials said.

The suspected sniper managed to flee the scene before being apprehended in a local market. Dalian police have not released the identity of the suspect.

"This is a most unfortunate and tragic situation," said Dalian's top police captain. "We are committed to bringing the suspect to justice." Howell was the star of several films that were box-office successes in the 1980's, including "The Outsiders" (1983)," "Red Dawn" (1984), and "Soul Man" (1986), in which he co-starred with Chong. Recently he had been in Beijing developing a film project for the cable network Showtime.

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