Paul McCartney
The World Tonight
(Capitol 58650)

Easily Paul McCartney's worst single of up to that point (yes, including "Biker Like an Icon"), and way up there in contention for worst single of the 90s by anyone (oh wait, I forgot about "New Age Girl"), "The World Tonight" is a full-on piece of monkey puke, chock full of half-digested bananas and mealy fecal matter. If I'd have heard the song in advance, I never would have wasted the three dollars to by the CD single, one of my most regrettable Circuit City impulse buys of all time. It's funny to see the stuff I impulse buy at various places, since I shop almost entirely by impulse. Circuit City causes me to buy stuff I almost always dislike later, and I've tried to stay away from there since buying this futso piece of yuck.

Three tracks: the aforementioned piece of trash Jeff Lynne-produced single, the b-side "Looking For You" which is less memorable than its title, if that's possible. I just finished listening to it like two minutes ago and can only recall that it sounded vaguely bluesy. Bullshit, what it sounded like was Paul McCartney cranking out another piece of crap in the studio. Ringo's on drums, but I'd have actually preferred a drum track only. The third track is the only possible reason to own this disc, a track called "Oobu Joobu - Part 1," consisting of almost ten minutes of sound culled from Paul's radio show. The track is indexed into eight parts, mainly little fragments, with one full song ("I Love This House," a decent enough but forgettable track) and one track dedicated to Paul discussing the origins of the song "Young Boy."

Paul's fascination with radio editing is getting to be a concern (the "deluxe" Band on the Run being the most confusing case in point), and I could see it becoming a Glenn Gould-like fixation. I think the guy really just likes to hear himself talking about himself. Sure, he releases it commercially as an ostensible offering to "the fans," but I have no doubt he has reel upon reel of him narrating his life story with bits of his own music mixed in. *Shudder* If ever there was a "diehard Beatles fan only" type of CD, this is it. Um, I mean aside from that "All-Starr Band" CD that Blockbuster Video was advertising a couple years back for $6.99. I was SO SURPRISED when that one didn't crack the Billboard 200.

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle