Bud Light

To somewhat redress my castigating review of Miller Lite, I decided I didn't want to be pigeonholed as a beer snob who automatically despises and disavows any and all domestic brands.

So I'll say it – I enjoy a bottle of Bud Light on occasion. It's the perfect "dollar bottle" beer, mildly refreshing and practically tasteless … which is certainly a better option than the taste of filth that accompanies Miller Lite.

It is also guaranteed to send you to the bathroom over and over once you've "broken the seal," to use the most insipid high school colloquialism I could come up with. Bud Light seems to have been made specifically for binge drinking, and for that it is more than sufficient. You may as well drink something that doesn't smack of rancidity while you stoke your midlife crisis at the downtown dance club. And the fact that it's possible to sip it while stone sober without wincing is another point in its favor. Plus, at least they spell "Light" correctly.

Review by HIP