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Heavy Metal Bender '03
by La Fée & Dr. Martin Absinthe

Over the course of two months, old friends La Fée and Dr. Martin Absinthe returned to their roots, attending a sudden spate of great metal shows in Chicago. Follow their dialogue recapping the murderous memories and find out for yourself whether these two chums are headbangers to the grave or sad, tired older guys hanging around rock shows for übergoth jailbait.

Helloween  Marilyn Manson
King Diamond  Cradle of Filth

Helloween @ The Vic, Chicago, USA (8 October 2003)
Marilyn Manson @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, USA (17 October 2003)
King Diamond @ Metro, Chicago, USA (30 October, 2003)
Cradle of Filth @ Riviera, Chicago, USA (22 November, 2003)