bill & ruth's

Bill & Ruth's
2404 E. 15th St, Tulsa, OK, USA

Once the novelty of coneys and old-school burgers began to wear off, I realized I'd need to find some places in Tulsa where I could get, you know, actual food. Having had a poor experience at a seriously off-point Subway (I know, why was I looking there for actual food?), I decided to give Bill & Ruth's a try.

bill & ruth's

I'm glad I did, too, because this place turned out to be pretty darn reliable, and cheap—my two primary needs in a sandwich shop, or a sex worker.

Damn autocorrect! Anyway, I had seen other Bill & Ruth'seses elsewhere around town, but I got the sense that they were all individually owned and wildly varying in quality, the way a Holiday Inn might either be super nice, or alternately, filled with white people! 🤧

So, as with the Chingy Holiday Inn, the Bill & Ruth's on 15th (aka Cherry Street), looked to be the clear best one. Plus, it's right across the street from the Reasor's (the local chain grocery store), where I saw, to this very day, the most obesest person I ever done seen. Oh shit, am I starting to talk Tulsan?!

bill & ruth's french dip

French dip with jalapeños and onions, plus a bag of Ruffles, $7.36. This may have been my favorite of the few things I tried at Bill & Ruth's, the other ones being a pretty craveable meatball sub, and a tasty straight-up turkey on white.

The quality of the ingredients was quite good, everything's fresh, and the place was always nice and clean. Aside from the slight disorientation of there having been an entirely different staff each time I went, the quality remained consistent and the sandwiches—hot, cold, you name it—were always good.

Say, what other type of sandwich did you name besides "hot" and "cold," just now? "Warm?" I'll show you a warm sandwich, you dirty sonofabitch.

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, July 2018