ghareeb nawaz, chicago

Ghareeb Nawaz
2032 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL , USA

In a previous review I recounted having to take care of some lingering issues related to past endeavors in Los Angeles. Well, I'm happy to say that, for the most part, that chapter is now closed, and I'm moving forward. Although I am barred from selling merchandise related to—or indeed, even mentioning, a certain celebrity—I avoided what could have been some, shall we say, difficult complications.

I did have to destroy about $11,000 in unsold inventory, and then relocate to Chicago, where my friend Gomo is letting me crash on his couch for awhile—but at least it's all over.

So let's hear it for fresh starts! Who wants Indian?

inside ghareeb nawaz

Now, I can't say I wasn't a little depressed moving to Chicago right before winter. But that's why the food is so good here! You can just pile it on until you don't really feel cold, or sad, anymore. Then, once you're extremely overweight, you somehow get a disproportionately cute wife, just like on TV.

At least that's my plan. To that end, I'm loading up on pizza, beef sandwiches, hot dogs, and Ghareeb Nawaz.

Just look at this menu! If you can't overeat here, you're just not even tryin'!

ghareeb nawaz menu wall

Ghareeb is a cabbie favorite that stays open until 2AM, and it's always busy. Pretty much everything is good, and insanely cheap for the portion size; a typical biryani dish here will feed you for at least two meals. The quality of the food is a little inconsistent, and the service can be downright dismissive, but you're getting so much bang for the buck, how can you really complain?

let it ghareeb

My go-to is the insanely delicious Green Chili Chicken, extra spicy—one of those dishes I crave before I have it, while I'm eating it, after I've eaten it, and once or twice more while defecating!

The capsacin influx always leaves me in a much better mood, and I've even been inspired to start thinking of my next entrepreneurial effort, which I plan to undertake right here in this neighborhood as soon as I can scrape together the overhead.

Imagine it! The world's foremost emporium devoted to Devon Gummersall from "My So-Called Life," right in the heart of Chicago's Little India! Of course it will have to be called Devon on Devon.

Devon On Devon - The World's Foremost Devon Gummersall Emporium in the Heart of Chicago's Little India

Here's to new beginnings!

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, December 2019