Leo's Tacos

Leo's Tacos
1515 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA

In a previous review I talked about how I had to leave Los Angeles following the failure of my business. Well, as it turns out, here it is not even 18 months later and I'm back in the City of Angels to tie up some loose ends related to my previous business!

Jonathan Brandis Memories

Jonathan Brandis Memories had barely gotten off the ground when licensing issues got us bounced off the Third Street Promenade; NOW they say they have proof I was selling illegal harpoon guns online as authentic, screen-used "SeaQuest DSV" props signed with forged Jonathan Brandis autographs. The truth is much more nuanced, I assure you.

Anyway, since I'm in L.A., I GOTS to have some Leo's Tacos!!!

Leo's trompo

If there is better al pastor anywhere on God's green Earth, I would love to find it. Leo's has been at it for a decade or so, first with one truck, then another; the truck at Venice and La Brea has been a fixture for so long you wonder why they haven't broken out the brick and mortar.

Though they do every other kind of meat quite well too, it's that Leo's al pastor, carved right off the trompo and served with little pineapple slices, that really Jonathans my Brandis. So insaaaaanely delicious!

Leo's al pastor tacos

Whenever I'm here, I'll get at least a couple of tacos, and often a burrito to boot—it's a lot of puerco, but as they say, "You only live once!" Unless you're Jonathan Brandis, in which case you live once, and then again in our memories for all eternity.

Tonight, I'll even eat an extra one … just in case he never had the honor.

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Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, September 2019