hurry curry of tokyo

Hurry Curry Of Tokyo
2131 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA

When Hurry Curry opened up on Sawtelle, I was pretty excited. Japanese curry so close to home, with only horrendous parking to deter me! No more need to go all the way to Brentwood for Japanese curry and horrendous parking! (Though I do still have to go to Brentwood for my fortnightly Nicole Brown-Simpson & Ron Goldman vigils.)

In terms of quality, Hurry Curry is much fast-foodier than CoCo Ichibanya, though the dining area makes it feel a little fancier than it is. I mostly get takeout, which puts the focus on the food itself, and it's always … a little less good than I'd hoped.

hurry curry of tokyo

Every time I get it, I keep wanting it to be a little better somehow, and it just kind of hits the mark. Then some time goes by, and I'll be driving by and think "Ooh! I should get Hurry Curry!" Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess! Unless your name is Orenthal James!

I'll usually get the fried chicken curry with vegetables, or the pork cutlet curry with spinach and mushrooms, sometimes some edamame if I'm feeling like riding the 'mame train.

hurry curry of tokyo

Overall, Hurry Curry would probably make a little more sense as something you grab from a mall food court than something you go out of your way for. All this said, it's a great deal better than Lance Ito's short-lived theme restaurant, Jury Curry.

Review by Fucky Sucky, March 2012