2734 W. Peterson Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

Every time I pass Wolfy's, my brain immediately goes "Wolfy's!," as though it is on the level of Johnnie's or Poochie's, or any other truly legendary Chicago "joint." In fact, it might actually be closest in spirit to Superdawg over in Norwood Park, where the iconic look of the place sort of makes the food seem better than it is.

It's not that Wolfy's is by any means bad—all the construction vans and cop cars in the parking lot will tell you that much—it's just maybe not what it once was, or what you want it to be.

It feels like at some point, for whatever reason, they figured they could just get by more on the good location than on truly great food or service.


I've visited twice recently, and the food was kinda unremarkable both times. First up was an Italian Beef (hot and sweet) with cheese fries—the beef was a little dry and not super flavorful, though I must say I did like the goopy nuclear fake cheese sauce, even though I prefer a more substantial Merkt's-style cheese.

wolfy's italian beef & cheese fries

Second visit—which was almost more just an attempt to see if the first was an off day—just a chili cheese dog, mustard and onions. This time, that gloppy cheese sauce was the problem, since a slice of processed American cheese always works so much better texture-wise on a cheese dog.

The dog itself was thin, and the skin a little too tough, which made for a somewhat rubbery tug-of-war between my teeth and the dog, as opposed to a nicely snappy, clean bite-off.

wolfy's italian beef & cheese dog

Speaking of a clean bite-off, we'll be holding the 7th annual Albany Park Gloryhole Chomp-Down the first weekend of next month. Come and see how many dicks you can bite clean off for a chance to win a Wolfy's gift card!

I know after this review, that's probably not the best incentive, but the dicks probably are … for you, at least.

Review by Noni Bresto, October 2018