Everest Powerful Mint Gum

Even Jon Krakauer might find this Everest to be a little daunting. Everest Powerful Mint Gum comes in a tin can like Altoids, and offers the curious strength of those celebrated gelatinous mints, but with the socially preferable format of a toothpaste gum.

Though Everest offers no teeth-cleaning power, it does provide an almost stiflingly strong burst of xylitol. The dosage makes Smint seem like candy, though both Everest and Smint make Baby Ruth look even more like candy, since it is candy.

I have found Everest to be as useful as a Sherpa on the mountain, though neophytes to x-treme breath fresheners might be taken aback … i.e. choking, tearing up in the eyes, gasping for breath.

Review by Suzie On Sunday