Smint – Lemon

Smint has always been my breath freshener of choice, so it was with much gusto that I grabbed a pack of Lemon Smint the first time I ever saw it. At the time, I thought it was somehow a lemon-flavored breath freshener, but as it turns out, it's just a lemony pastille, with the vitamin C content of two lemons. I've been unable to find Lemon Smint in southern California, but thanks to the fantastic Smint website, I was able to order an entire case, which should last me about a year. The delivery was prompt, and there were also bonus packs of Smint flavors I've never seen: peppermint, peach, and licorice!

I didn't taste the licorice one, having given it to a co-worker thinking it was a second pack of peppermint. Lemon Smint offers a refreshing burst of citrusion (?) that will make your mouth happy.

Review by Illusion Master