Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens

You'd think one Ben & Jerry's Netflix tie-in would be enough, but disturbingly, here's another one. I say disturbingly because now I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they start coming out with like twelve new flavors a month specifically based on whatever's new on Netflix. This one is, for some reason, tied to a show called "Nailed It."

Imagine Netflix offering a subscription plan that throws in twelve pints of Ben & Jerry's a month for a nominal extra fee, allowing you to binge-watch and binge-eat your way through whatever global crisis is happening at that time.

Don't you get the sense we're all being made fat and docile so as to be more easily herded when the next phase of the New World Order comes around?

Just joshin'. 😂 I know we're already past that. 😹

I didn't care for Netflix & Chilll'd, but Chip Happens has a couple of things going for it: a malty chocolate base flavor quite similar to those cheap little malt cups that might only be available in hospitals, and potato chips.

I don't think B&J's has used potato chips since their first Jimmy Fallon tie-in, Late Night Snack, which was infinitely superior to The Tonight Dough because, as I mentioned, potato chips.

This was back before whatever the tipping point was when Ben & Jerry's stopped caring about their actual product. Back then, potato chips in a new flavor was a bold move, and executed with a properly fun sense of indulgence.

With Chip Happens—even the name seems like a shrug—they just throw the chips into the ice cream with some generic fudge chips and call it a day. They try to excuse their laziness by labeling it a "Limited Botch," like those "Oops!" Keebler variations you see every once in awhile.

Keebler For Fuck's Sake! Fudge Stripes

But I'm not convinced. As with Netflix itself, there is just no soul in Ben & Jerry's anymore. Of course, I ate the entire pint in one sitting, as usual; but then, I watched "Making A Murderer" in one sitting too, and remember not a whit of that either.

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle