Orville Redenbacher's® Pour Over Movie Theater Butter Gourmet Popping Corn

Did you know that Orville Redenbacher died in a San Diego hot tub? Coronado, actually, but "San Diego hot tub" sounds a little seedier and that's the picture I'm trying to paint. Portrait of a man—a magnate—pushing life's excesses to the extreme, surrounded by ladies, some underage, some who spoke no English, all of them terrified to say no to this man whose deviant appetites could manifest in almost anything.

Case in point: Redenbacher's Pour Over, certainly one of Orville's most decadent and unapologetic creations. Some say he came up with the idea while being urinated upon by two ladies (one of whom may have been his cousin); even in the ecstatic throes of a humiliation he craved, where dominance and submission traded places moment by moment, the man was always thinking of his next innovation.

The concept is simple: pop the corn as you normally would, then "pour over" the butter from the included packet. Couldn't be easier, like peeing on an old man. In the execution, though, Redenbacher managed to somehow fashion a popping corn that pops more quickly and uniformly than usual, resulting in arguably the closest home emulation of real movie theater butter popcorn yet to be unleashed in the agora.

After discovering this popcorn, I developed a mini-obsession with it … one might say a problem … even buying a large plastic bowl specifically so I could mix the contents as evenly as possible. Buy hey—as far as problems go, this one could be worse. It won't help my coronary issues at all, but at least no one's getting urine poured over them.

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle