Pink Omega

This was a funny little vitamin. Strangely, I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I have absolutely no luck asking for it at local pharmacies. Unless "luck" means "being escorted out by store security," in which case I'm having loads of luck.

I took this vitamin at a club, apparently a health-conscious one, and immediately found it to be quite more satisfying than Centrum. Within half an hour or so, wave after wave of tingling euphoria washed over my body, and all my inhibitions were abandoned.

Light and sound cascaded in a shimmering symphony of corporeal stimulus in which I was fully immersed. I was suddenly 100% connected to the cosmos and to all the beautiful people all around me. Warm water felt warmer, soft fabric felt softer. Everything in the universe was so good and there for me.

The only drawback is, they're so expensive compared with other vitamins. I mean, you get like 60 Centrum for $7 or so, while with Pink Omegas you only get one pill for like $20. Even so, I'm going to keep asking around to see if I can get some more. Maybe I'll try GNC.

Review by Moretta Martin