The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)
Directed by Roman Polanski
Written by Roman Polanski & Gerard Brach

As one of Polanski's first English-language films, Fearless Vampire Killers proves that behind every A-list critic's darling filmmaker lurks an idiotic, self-indulgent, B-grade huckster.

From frame the first, FVK is exceptionally annoying, painfully slow, and totally without logic or merit. What could be a great horror film – at least based on its visual appeal and unique setting – is undercut by a slapstick comic sensibility stolen from Benny Hill's shithouse.

Even the scenes that are supposed to be sexy come across as stilted and awkward. Cult film fanatics be damned, FVK is the kind of film only Harry Knowles could love.

My viewing companion and I struggled to stay awake and eventually watched the last half in fast forward. We didn't miss a bloody thing.

Loud Bassoon rating scale

Review by Crimedog