More Unreleased Celebrity Albums

Intrigued by our earlier feature Unreleased Celebrity Albums, many readers contacted us wanting to know more about this genre.
Here is a selection of albums not covered by the first article.

Troyer Little Tenderness    Get the Clapp    Life in the Fast Lane

Verne Troyer - "Troyer … Little Tenderness"
After the "Mini Me" phenomenon exploded, Verne Troyer worked with numerous producers on a cash-in album that never materialized. This album, which included a spirited cover of Led Zeppelin's "Tr'yer Maker," was at least a lot better than his Australian collaboration, Verne in Midnight Oil.


Gordon Clapp - "Get the Clapp"
His nebbishy Medavoy character on "NYPD Blue" couldn't be further from the arty, neo-psychedelic persona on Gordon Clapp's ambitious, unreleased double album. Devoting thirty minutes to a sitar-drenched "If You're Happy and You Know it, Clapp Your Hands" was surely too much for even the most diehard fan.


Diane Lane - "Life in the Fast Lane"
Intended to capitalize on her recent resurgence in popularity after a long box office dry spell, Life in the Fast Lane was dismissed as being "Faith Hill lite." Even so, you have to admire her for having the taste to cover Lindsey Buckingham's "Oh Diane" and "Penny Lane."

French Kissin'    Happy Bearse Day!    It's a Fishel!

French Stewart" - French Kissin'"
The confusing "Paisley underground" cover art certainly didn't help the chances for French Stewart's recording debut. Interestingly, he followed it up with a track-by-track live version called "French Kissin'" in the USA, which was recorded across America on the aborted support tour.


Amanda Bearse - "Happy Bearse Day!"
When the former "Married With Children" star tried to foist her brand of "womyn's music" on the public, labels would have none of it. A mellow effort overall bolstered by a blistering cover of "Amanda" by Boston, it was later reissued under the title Reim-Bearsed.


Bruce Dern - "That Dern Cat"
Why Bruce Dern chose to attempt a recording career in 1997 defies all showbiz logic. His take on old MGM musical numbers was vain and derivitave, although his version of "Too Dern Hot" isn't bad.

Spirit Fingers    On With the Show    Aamin' to Please

Rollie Fingers - "Spirit Fingers"
Obviously a self-published release with bargain-basement packaging, this 1981 LP showcases the future Baseball Hall of Famer on a number of religious songs, including a misguided attempt at "Rollie, Jordan, Rollie."


Grant Show - "On With the Show"
Interestingly, this album was recorded in 1989, before Show became a star on TV's "Melrose Place." A tepid and overproduced affair, it includes a cover of "The Show Must Go On" by Queen as well as a very poor remake of Peter Frampton's "Show Me the Way."


Willie Aames - "Aamin' to Please"
This frenetic live album, recorded at the height of Aames's popularity shortly after the release of "Zapped!," is remarkable in that it is entirely comprised of long, Zappa-esque guitar solos.

Unbreak My Flockhart    Why Knotts?    Ballroom Danson

Calista Flockhart - "Unbreak My Flockhart"
At the height of "Ally"-mania, waifish Calista Flockhart attempted to release this slick, R&B-flavored collection. It's a forgettable affair, apart from a rendition of Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Flockhart." Still, the record is a lot better than the unreleased follow-up, Calista Calypso.


Don Knotts - "Why Knotts?"
Knotts, a friend of Johnny Cash, recorded this 2001 release at the behest of producer Rick Rubin, who intended to put it out on his American Recordings label, but encountered distribution problems. It features stripped-down arrangements of "Knotts a Second Time" by The Beatles and the Human League's "Don You Want Me."


Ted Danson - "Ballroom Danson"
This 1984 album, recorded before You Should Be Danson, was Ted's first foray into the world of pop music. Mostly standards, it also features renditions of the Paul McCartney title track and "You Make Me Feel Like Danson."

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