Camel Twista Lime

I suppose I was only joking during my review of Lime Gatorade Ice that marketers were somehow overvigorously trying to turn "lime" into the new "low- carb," or the new "vanilla," or the new "ice," etc. This will all pass by year's end, I'm sure, and it pains me to anticipate the senseless "lime backlash" that's bound to occur.

Regardless, upon my recent sighting of Camel Twista Limes at the local 7-11, I was obliged to try them, even though my my newly cancerous lower lip has more tumors than Nicotina, the lab rat.

Twista Limes do indeed have a hint of lime upon each inhale, though it is so instantaneous that you've immediately forgotten that they're lime-tinted by the next puff. So each drag brings a small surprise of clarity, thereby making them, in my mind, at least, "The Harrison Bergeron of Cigarettes." Whether Camel or Kurt Vonnegut will go along with this proposed campaign is not as clear.

Despite the novelty, I found myself utterly bored halfway through my first couple of smokes, so while maybe my lungs are happier, my smoking-lounge friends have since called me a "sellout" (AND a bad cat burglar). But hey, the last thing I need in the middle of grabbing the Rossington Diamond is a surprise hack attack.

Still, Twista Limes come in one of those nice metal tins that all of the Camel "exotic blends" use, so my customary half-a-pack of crushed cigarettes are significantly reduced. That doesn't help alleviate the pain of my crushed pelvis, though, ironically gotten by falling off a lime truck while sneaking back over the border after nabbing the notorious Perla de Huauchinango.

Review by Ray Davis, Cat Burglar