Edy's® Dreamery® – Cherry Chip ba da Bing

Ice cream with cherries in it was a shitty idea from the start, but I'm not going to hold that against this ice cream. You'll open a pint of Cherry Chip ba da Bing to see a shipwreck of chocolate planks and cherry chunks hopelessly caught in a maelstrom of crimson goo amid a stormy ocean of vanilla ice cream. If they had their thinking caps on, they would have named it Cherrybdis, but that might have been a bit highfalutin.

This flavor will appeal to all who love cherries, like my beloved uncle Roger, who would volunteer to chaperone my junior high dances just to indulge that pleasure. The ice cream itself is velvety soft like my dear cousin Lisa, and goes down just as easily. And once you thrust your tongue into the moist, creamy center, wait, I somehow crossed over to my review of Karamel Sutra. Let's just end this paragraph, shall we?

As with the rest of Edy's Dreamery line, the artwork on the packaging takes you to a surreal, faraway land where ice cream is king and we are its minions. In this case it puts you in front of two creamy slot machines, which would also accurately describe my darling twin sisters Stacy and Stephanie. I should probably stop this review now.

Review by Mike Frigidore