Edy's® Dreamery® – Nuts About Malt™

I am truly "nuts about malt," anyone will tell you that, but somehow this ice cream left me feeling rather hollow. Not nearly as malty as a good old chocolate malt milkshake or even a urinal full of Whoppers®, Edy's Nuts About Malt is still a cut above those malt cups you'd get with the wooden "spoon" on grade school ice cream days. Well, what the hell would you call it? I know it wasn't a spoon, asshole, but it wasn't a tongue depressor neither.

Chocolate malt ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate covered almonds. Certainly a decent meal by anyone's standards, although ultimately about on par with Ben & Jerry's minor offerings, like Gooey Cake or Blondies Are a Swirl's Best Friend.

I have since gone Vegan again, and won't really miss this at all. I will continue to be tempted, of course, by each and every urinal full of Whoppers that I encounter – how could you not be? Delicious malted milk balls and warm, slippery piss? It's a no-brainer, man, give me a CASE of that.

Review by Rick Puce