Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet

Diet Mountain Dew is not exactly a paragon of real citrus flavor to begin with, so I have to wonder what made anyone think it needed more chemical fake-fruitiness thrown in. DMDUV (which, by the way, no one calls it) seems to want to take the edge off the typical DMD experience by adding "mixed berry" flavor, but in the process actually amps up the harshness. I have rarely encountered something this hard to choke down, and keep in mind, I'm the guy who once did Limoncello shots out of Rhea Perlman's enema bag.

Not sure who the target was with this one. Rock Star drinkers who want to dial it down a notch? Diet Mountain Dew Code Red drinkers who are sick of having to add their own battery acid? It's the kind of ill-conceived beverage usually reserved for a gratuitous movie or videogame tie-in (like Diet Mountain Dew Fast & Furious from a few years back, or last summer's confusing Diet Mountain Dew Nights in Rodanthe).

Next time I want to drink something this bitter, I'll have Jake Lloyd piss in my mouth. Wait, this review is going to be read at the Comedy Central Roast of Jake Lloyd, right?

Review by Salto Sergey