Mountain Dew White Out

The unsettling lack of radioactive coloring—in fact, of any coloring whatsoever – is certainly a departure for Mountain Dew. Unfortunately this tastes like in removing all the color, they removed all of the flavor as well. It purports to be "smooth citrus Dew," but tastes more like the arsenic-laced margarita I whipped up in an attempt to hurry my wealthy 90-year-old bride into the ol' mausoleum.

It's a strange brew: all of the harshness of Mountain Dew with the bland non-presence of the lamest Vitamin Water. If you're looking to just make your throat hurt but don't want to involve your tastebuds as collateral damage, White Out is for you. It's like they somehow figured out how to bottle heartburn.

The idea probably sounded great in the boardroom, but frankly I'll stick to the kind of White-Out I can huff.

Review by La Fée