all indian sweets & snacks

All Indian Sweets & Snacks
20916 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA, USA

I don't particularly buy the posturing that "hole-in-the-wall places are the best!," especially since I've been tricked into gloryhole-type situations more than my share of times. Sometimes a hole in the wall is just a dick in your mouth, you know? 🤷🏽

That said, when it's lunch you're after, it certainly can pay to "go for the glory," as it were.

all indian sweets & snacks

Tucked away in one of the bleakest-looking strip malls you could imagine, where its neighbors include a down 'n' dirty day-drinkin' saloon, a billiards parlor, and an ancient Mongolian BBQ joint, you'll find All Indian Sweets & Snacks. It's but a tiny little market and restaurant with an almost black-market vibe, but the food is the real deal.

They stock Indian sundries of all types, so it's a fine place to shop for your next batch of homemade sambar or whatever, but I come for the lunch combo. $5.50 for two veggies and a meat with rice and bread, and the portions are gigantic.

all indian sweets & snacks

They have a surprisingly enormous menu for such a tiny place, and everything is fuckin' good. I typically get chicken tikka masala, paneer, and dal, with some of their stellar garlic naan. I believe they call this particular combination "Colonialist's Favour."

Quite a gem. Not the best Indian food ever made, obviously, but a terrific place, and pretty much uninfiltrated by Whites … present company excepted.

Review by Deep Dickens, January 2011