bob's burgers, albuquerque

Bob's Burgers
5307 4th St NW Albuquerque, NM, USA

Some believe that New Mexico is abundant with metaphysical energy vortexes, making it a haven for alien encounters and other unexplained phenomena.

Well, based on my first visit to Albuquerque, I can sure attest to that!

albuquerque hot air balloon festival

How else can you account for the convergence of the annual Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fesitval and this crazy crew on the same weekend?!

albuquerque podiatric convention

That's right, the Albuquerque Foot & Ankle Society was hosting a weekend's worth of highly in-demand seminars, so the city was having a different kind of "alien visitation"—one by "probing" podiatrists such as myself, hailing from all across the region!

You heard me right—hundreds of hot air balloonists, AND dozens of podiatrists in town at the same time?! What could go wrong? 🤣

Not to mention, many of us were staying at the same hotel—The Crowne Plaza. That's where I ran into Tim, my newfound balloonist friend.


Are we Twinzies or what?! Who says humble healers of the feet and high-flying adventurers have nothing in common?

Tim and some of his balloon friends were having cocktails in the bar when I sauntered in with a couple of my "fuddies" (foot buddies 🤣), and the rest, as they say, was history.

Now, THESE guys know how to have a good time! They were already on their second round of spritzers, so me and the Fuds had to catch up. We were double-fisting like a bunch of full-blown spritzaholics!

I was already feeling pretty buzzed when one of Tim's friends noticed there was also a black wedding going on!

AND a black wedding!

Only in the Land of Enchantment!

Now, I had never crashed a black wedding before, but Tim seemed to think it was no big deal. "They like to get down," he said.

And it's true! The music was a lot better than at regular weddings.

Fast-forward a couple hours, and things were getting nice and limber. I was pretty much just enjoying the atmosphere.

Dr. Ed's wedding pics

I'm sure I wasn't the only one in need of something more than the circulating finger-foods to soak up all the sauce, however. So when Clayton (the Best Man) screamed "Bobbbbbbb's Burrrrrgers!!!!!," it was on!

inside bob's burgers

I thought he was talking about the TV show, but apparently this Bob's Burgers has been an Albuquerque favorite for more than 50 years. So we commandeered the wedding party's Hummer and hit the drive-thru.

bob's burgers drive-thru menu

Too many options! 🤣 Clayton had been kind enough to share some fine blunts with us in the parking lot before we left, so everyone had a tough time deciding. "One of each, please!" 🤣

We pulled away with a giant bag full of taco burgers, tortilla burgers, patty melts, rolled tacos, frito pies, BLTs, chili cheese fries, and I don't know what-all. I personally had a Ranchero Supreme Burger with green chile.

bob's ranchero supreme burger

Simply delicious! I was "faded as fuck," as they say, so this sure hit the spot!

Friends for life!

And the memories we made that night we will cherish forever! Shout out to the happy couple, Trina and Marcus! Hope the honeymoon was spent "drinkin' fo'ties and makin' sho'ties!" 🤣 To quote Clayton's rather no-holds-barred Best Man speech.

Review by Dr. Ed Niman, September 2019