chicago dog express

Chicago Dog Express
600 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM, USA

If it's ever in the cards for you to move to Santa Fe, do it—it's a magical city full of splendorous natural beauty, fascinating history, and some of the best food anywhere … and I mean, Old Mexico, New Mexico and All Frickin' Future Mexicoes!

Carne adovada, sopapillas, green chile burgers, green chile burritos, green chile breakfast burritos, green and red chile topped with green chile … oh, the burrrrrnin' memories my tastebuds and B-hole shall cherish forever!

That's actual footage of my B-hole just a few days into my stay. My lord, the food is good in this town. It's a great place to see just how many pounds it's possible to gain while on an "away-cation" (that's my new term for a staycation where you leave home).

Santa Fe even does other cities' food well!

chicago dog express

Chicago Dog Express was a nice little surprise to discover, if only because a good ol' Chicago dog is always a treat (unless you actually live in Chicago and eat them frequently, in which case, it's more than likely a problem). Of course, this begs the question, "Why would you need some Chicago-style food in the middle of all that other food?!"

Frito Pie & Chicago Dog

Because it was there! Where else can you fatten yourself up Chicago-style and New Mexico style simultaneously? It's not like Chicago has any New Mexican joints, after all. At least since Dennis Farina died.

Dennis Farina's Sopapilla Paradise

That place made no sense at all, now that I think about it. Anyway, I made a lunch of a Chicago dog, a Frito Pie ("Christmas style"), and a Coke, enjoying it in the little seating area and thinking, "One day, I, too, shall live in a place such as Santa Fe." Really, though, I'd be lucky to live in a place such as Pile Of Mattresses Next To A Dumpster. 🤷🏼

Review by Wimpempy Tarlisle, March 2017