taco bell rolla

Taco Bell
1109 N. Bishop Ave, Rolla, MO, USA

I stopped in Rolla for gas on the way from Tulsa to Chicago—gas for the car, and gaaaasssss for my aaaassssss. Because, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this Taco Bell has the the elusive, almighty Chili Cheese Burrito!

The elusive, almighty Chili Cheese Burrito!

Easy enough to get in these parts, apparently, but fuckin' impossible almost everywhere else I've lived since Taco Bell discontinued the damn thing!

taco bell rolla

This location is a busy one, situated on the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology … or M.U.S.T., as their cheerleaders call it in their notorious chant.

"We MUST! We MUST! We MUST increase our BUST!

At The Missouri University of Science and Technology, we MUST increase our BREASTY BIOLOGY!"

Catchy, right? Their football team (The Must Increasers) is terrible, but you gotta love a school whose mascot is Ullie the Undulatin' Underboob.

Ullie the Undulatin' Underboob

It's hard to quite convey how fuckin' terrific this Chili Cheese Burrito was. Man oh man!

chili cheese burrito!

It was the first one I'd had in many years after moving away from the midwest to pursue a (technical) teenager who, unfortunately, was unaware of my existence. But that's a story for another Taco Bell Storytellers™.

Join us again next week for Taco Bell Storytellers™, when special guest Rachel Maddow will tell us about her favorite type of Taco Bell fart.

Review by Ting-Tong Bing-Bong, October 2018