Delinquent Juvenilia

Delinquent Juvenilia I: Eric Haugen vs. The Whiz Kids

Urination jokes, haircut jokes, and three men in unison delivering the prime insult "Go eat some fried cat litter."

Man #1: OOPS! I urinated on the deck!

Man #2: You idiot! It's a poopdeck! The urine deck is over there.

Man #1: You have a funny haircut!

Man #2: Oh! Look who's talking! Who pierced your ear?

Man #1: Look! My finger talks, too!

Man #1: Look at the city in the background! It's pink! Who would paint a city pink? Ha, ha!

Man #1: I'm leaving! You guys smell bad!

Three men: Go eat some fried cat litter!

Man #1: Go get some deodorant!

Meanwhile … At the Metro City School for the Deaf Denture Users …

Window: This is the only place where a window could talk!

Teacher: OUCH! I'm so tall that I bumped my head on the top of this panel!

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