My god, I never realized how totally 70s the packaging of Caramello looks. I hope they never change it, it only enhances the experience. This delicious and delectable delicacy is brought to us by Cadbury by way of Hershey, and it makes me as thirsty as all the Cadbury products do, but it is so thoroughly scrumptious that I don't mind.

I'd fukking eat one in the middle of the desert if I could. Delicious, silky, and delicious caramel surrounded by a hard casing of delicious and melty milk chocolate. It's creamy and so packed with sensory pleasure that you start thinking you're getting head. What a great fucking candy bar.

If there's a drawback to it, it's that I always buy the hugest one I can find, and it's just gigantic and always gives me a stomach ache. Really, though, that's a drawback of me, not the candy.

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Review by Gerald Bonad