Kit Kat filled with Caramel

Say you have a perfectly charming and comfortable house that everyone in the neighborhood agrees is an undeniable gem. After living there for years, you decide it somehow needs something more, so you get it in your head to build a second story. What ensues can play out in one of two ways: the additional story turns your charming little home into a thing of enviable grandeur, or your house ends up looking like a cute dog with a dead cat stapled to its head.

Kit Kat Caramel (you know they considered calling it Kit Kat Karamel 🤷) fortunately benefits from its additional attic of flavor. Basically what you get is one giant Kit Kat with a special compartment on top filled with juicy caramel. It's fucking great. It's like if you have a sweet car and you put one of those travel compartments on top – filled with cash. That is one enjoyable ride.

Hm, I see that I've attempted to compare a candy bar to both a house and a car. The way I see it, there is not much difference between these things, except that I can afford a candy bar, and can't drive one to a scrip club.

Review by Ukrainian Welsh