100 Grand® Dark

Unlike many of these "limited edition" candy bar variants, most of which get by on simple novelty (Mr Goodbar – Slathered in Gooseflesh Limited Edition; Reggie Bar – Anachronistic 2007 Limited Edition), 100 Grand Dark is actually a dramatic improvement over the original 100 Grand, which itself is no slouch in the candysack.

The sharp succulence of the dark chocolate coating makes for an unexpected thrill-ride for the tastebuds, which were expecting a leisurely Sunday morning drive in their grandfather's Le Baron, only to be instead delightfully strapped in for a careening cruise on The Beast: The World's Longest Roller Coaster!

As Robert Cray would say (if Nestle would pay him $5 or more): "Don't be afraid of the darkNestle® 100 Grand® Dark!" Actually, come to think of it, if a Robert Cray Don't Be Afraid Of the Dark Chocolate candy bar existed, I'd probably eat five or six of them a day.

Review by Burl Castle