Snickers Charged Limited Edition

Need something to curb your appetite between your morning Monster Energy Drink and your evening Sparks? Not just any candy bar will do. If only Snickers had caffeine, taurine, and B Vitamins …

Wait! What about Snickers Charged?!?!? It's SNICKERS ON STEROIDS!!! Let's shrink some testicles!

So, yeah, not sure who this is for, exactly. Candy lovers getting into ultramarathons? 24-hour party people with a sweet tooth? Body builders with monthly menstrual chocolate cravings? Hard to say. I mean, it's dense like an energy bar, but it's still a candy bar.

By chance, when I ate this I happened to be halfway through a plane ride where I was both desperately hungry and totally exhausted … which may have been the sole context in which eating a Snickers Charged makes logical sense. It was essentially a thicker, drier Snickers. I did notice a slight perk-up effect after eating it, but nothing dramatic. All told, I think I'll stick to meth, it keeps me skinnier.

Review by Dr. Lena Valentine