Capri Superslim

Perhaps the most hilarious cigarettes you can smoke, Capris are the smoking equivalent of wearing parachute pants. Like a bad-taste Tardis, they transport you straight back to 1987 to hobnob with that era's version of the "Sex and the City" girls.

Hm, what improbable Dr. Who might find himself in such a situation? Wait, maybe I'm just confusing "Dr. Who" with "Quantum Leap." Ah shit, that's probably why I was kicked out of the last Nerdcon.

Anyway, these are the original superslims, though Virginia Slims beat them hands down at their own game. So who still smokes these, anyway?

According to the now-defunct Isle of Capri fan site: Jenny McCarthy, Asia Carrera, Traci Lords, Shannon Tweed, Catherine Deneuve, Sandra Bernhard, and Yoko Ono. And now that I'm in the mix, I think we have the makings of an orgy for the ages.

Review by Roland Boffo