Dean's Country Charm – Turtle Tracks

If Ben & Jerry's and Edy's represent the Coke and Pepsi of the world of pint-sized ice cream delicacy, then Dean's is clearly the R.C.

I feel sorry for Dean's, though, because it really looks like they're trying. A simple comparison of the packages will reveal all there is to know, as the big two will have bright, colorful, inviting box art, while Dean's has an ugly brown background with a photo of the ice cream. This flavor happens to have a turtle peeking its head in. If there has ever been an argument for revenue sharing in the ice cream business, the time is now.

Dean's fails on more than just the box art, however. The ice cream is light and fluffy, not creamy and fatty like the kinds I prefer. Sure, that adds up to fewer calories, but I'm going to need all the help I can get to break that noose when they finally hunt me down and lynch my black ass for my scathing ice cream critiques.

What Turtle Tracks offers is a tasty swirl of caramel winding through the ice cream, with a handful of secret mini-Caramello pieces scattered about. There are also a few pecans to be found, but you can ignore those because pecans aren't good, nor are they particularly interesting. This combination would work much better in a pint of Edy's ice cream.

I'm still at a loss to see what connection this flavor has to real turtle tracks, but then again, Edy's has no visible association with Edy McClurg, so touché. Oh, she spells it Edie? Um, yes, carry on.

Review by Mike Frigidore