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The events of actor C. Thomas Howell's life have been shocking, and strangely, no other media outlets have reported on the many twists and turns. But you can count on us to cover, and uncover, the story as it develops.

📰 US uncovers plot to blow up Chicago Sears Tower (07.01.06)

📰 Howell ID'd as Bush Press Plane Stowaway (07.11.03)

📰 Investigators: Howell events may be "elaborate hoax" (05.30.02)

📰 Howell and Chong to be reunited at Taj Mahal (05.30.02)

📰 Howell is alive; mystery woman may be former wife (05.28.02)

📰 Man found wandering in India may be Howell (05.22.02)

📰 U.S. sources: Actor's body missing (05.17.02)

📰 'Attack of the Clones' Dedicated to Howell (05.15.02)

📰 C. Thomas Howell Dead at 36 (05.14.02)

📰 Howell Look-Alike Killed in British Train Disaster (05.10.02)

📰 Actor Howell Shot By Sniper at Chong Memorial (05.10.02)

📰 SEQUEL: 3 years later, Ed Asner remembered (05.09.02)

📰 Former Wife of Miracle Actor Dies in Parade Blast (05.09.02)

📰 Chong: Howell events "an emotional roller coaster" (05.08.02)

📰 Actor Feared Dead Awakens During Autopsy (05.07.02)

📰 "Miraculous" actor dies from injuries (05.07.02)

📰 "Red Dawn" actor rescued alive (05.07.02)

📰 Actor Howell feared dead in crash (05.07.02)

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