Coors Light

Its marketing positioning as "The Silver Bullet" implies some kind of power versus lycanthropy, and to that I cannot provide testimonial for Coors Light one way or the other. What I can say is, if you want a light beer and can't afford Amstel Light, yet you do not wish to stoop as low as a Bud Light or Miller Lite, Coors Light will do the trick.

The downside is that Coors has long been considered anti-gay, for reasons I can't at the moment recall (having consumed several Coors Lights in the past few minutes). Perhaps this is evidence of a link between homosexuality and werewolfism. Certainly many of the men I see hanging around outside Big Bear Tavern would confirm this theory.

One day I will gather up the gumption to actually go into Big Bear Tavern instead of just hanging around outside for several hours each Saturday night.

Review by Nadia Fuckwit