Wawel® Krówkowy

"What do you call a Polish Caramello? Wawel Krówkowy!!!"

Well, like a lot of things that go down in Poland, that joke isn't very funny. Even so, it's been slaying Polish comedy club audiences for going on 30 years, as surefire a punchline as "Jebać! Kapusta!" or "Oj, Lech Walesa!"

Unless you speak the language, these Eastern European candies can be a roll of the dice. Sometimes they're quality (yet more budget-friendly) versions of your American favorites. Other times they taste like they don't even have sugar, or are filled with gypsy teeth.

Krówkowy looks like a Polish Caramello, and fortunately, it is, in fact, a Polish Caramello. The caramel has a slight cherry-ish tinge to it, or so my tongue thought, bearing in mind that the last time my tongue tasted something Polish it was "allegedly" a pair of Nina Siemaszko's stockings, though later I discovered it was "actually" a full layer of Casey Siemaszko's epidermis.

Review by Paweł P. Pierogies