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venice ramen

Venice Ramen
515 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA

Take a veteran chef with several top-flight Tokyo ramen houses under his belt, find a laid-back location a stone's throw from Venice Beach, and serve up meticulously hand-crafted, everything-from-scratch, highly disciplined ramen and … say, what were we just talking about? Oh right, Ronda Rousey!

Does she do meet-and-greets? I'm trying to think of a situation where I might get close enough to cajole her into punching me in the face … like, a real punch though. Man, that would be the beans!

Wait, we weren't talking about Ronda Rousey? Oh RIGHT, it was Venice Ramen. Sorry.

venice ramen

The simple décor and mellow vibe of this place makes it a very pleasant setting to enjoy a piping hot bowl of delicious … oh, hey, you know what I saw on eBay? Now, there's no certificate of authenticity or anything, but this guy claims it's a real match-used Ronda teeth guard. Can you imagine? Putting your teeth where her teeth were? You know, like, really chomping down, and it's like your mouth is inside her mouth?

venice ramen

Oh. RIGHT. Venice Ramen. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the spicy tonkatsu here, it didn't leave much of an impression. I find myself barely able to remember a thing about it. It disappears like the wisp of a dream first thing in the morning … in fact, when I sat down to review this place, I couldn't even recall the name, just "ramen place by the beach." I mean, I feel like it was a fine meal and everything, but when I strain to think of any details, I … oooh, mitzvah! Ronda's on "Kimmel" tonight!

Review by Pumboo Dongo-Dohnoh, November 2016

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